HotSpot Manager

HotSpot Manager 6.0

Developer COM2000 SOLUTIONS LTD.

Hotspot Manager is an access control software for Wi-Fi or wired network.


CCAutoSoft 3.0

Developer CCAutoSoft

CCAutoSoft Internet Cafe Software has functions and utilities, for a cyber cafe.

Cafe Manila

Cafe Manila 8.8

Developer Cafe Manila

Cafe Manila is a wonderful management solution for cyber cafes.


TrueCafe 6.1

Developer TrueCafe, Ltd.

It helps you to manage your Internet cafe or cyber cafe business.


Hidden Camera Cyber Cafe

Cybera Server

Cybera Server 1.9

Developer Samuel Monsarrat

Cybera is a cyber cafe management system designed for Windows.

Cafe Manager Pro

Cafe Manager Pro 3.8

Developer Vibersoft

Cafe Manager Pro is a powerful and handy application for managing cyber cafes.

Cyber Cafe Administrator

Cyber Cafe Administrator 3.3

Developer Ates Software

This brings prestige to the business with an easy to use structure.

Webcafe Client

Webcafe Client 3.0

Developer Rhombus Technologies

Webcafe is a premier web-based cyber cafe ERP, with an integrated billing engine.


eCafePro 4.0

Developer eSoft Multimedia Solutions

Manage the operations and billing for your cyber cafe.

Internet Cafe Cyber Cafe PC Game Self Service Server

Internet Cafe Cyber Cafe PC Game Self Service Server 3.4

Developer Weavefuture Inc

Make your Internet Café business into more profitable business.

Computers Hall

Computers Hall 3.0

Developer AstrumSoft

Complete solution for management and automation of Internet cafes.

TriAngle Cyber Café Manager 2000 SLEs

TriAngle Cyber Café Manager 2000 SLEs 2.1

Developer Global Information Technology

Cyber Café Messenger

Cyber Café Messenger 3.0

Developer Smart Light

Icafe Manager

Icafe Manager 4.0

Developer Ideacts Innovations Pvt. Ltd.


Hidden Camera Cyber Cafe

Cyber Cafe

Cyber Cafe 1.1

Developer WebEx

Monitor Management - Client

Monitor Management - Client 1.5

Developer NSD

NSD MOM SYSTEM is widely used in the internet cafe (Cyber cafe).

PCRentalPro Cyber Cafe Software

PCRentalPro Cyber Cafe Software 3.1

Developer Citinet Systems, Inc.


CafeTrac 1.2

Developer Thar Bionics Pvt. Ltd.

CafeTrac software helps monitoring the cyber and internet cafe activity.

ABN Genius Cyber Cafe' Pro Server

ABN Genius Cyber Cafe' Pro Server 2.0

Developer ABNO Softwares International

Taskbar Band Cyber Cafe Timer

Taskbar Band Cyber Cafe Timer 1.0

My CyberCafe

My CyberCafe 11.0

Developer MyCyberCafe Innovative Technology

MyCyberCafe is a professional management solution for Internet cafes.

CLINCK Online Cafe Manager

CLINCK Online Cafe Manager 4.0

Developer Ideacts Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

It is a single‐PC cyber cafe manager connected to a web server.

CLINCK Cyber Cafe Manager

CLINCK Cyber Cafe Manager 3.0

Developer Ideacts

A tool that provides complete solutions for cyber cafes.

Arsham Cyber Cafe - Client

Arsham Cyber Cafe - Client 2.9

Developer West Arshamsoft

Cyber Cafe Manager

Cyber Cafe Manager 1.0

Developer SMU

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