Hidden Folder

My Folder
My Folder changes the folder icons in Windows.
Horizon Software Co.
Hide Folders
Protect your files and folders from prying eyes!
FSPro Labs
Iron Privacy Folder
Iron Privacy Folder allows to secure folder privacy in few clicks.
Iron Privacy LLC

Hidden Folder

File and Folder Privacy
File/folder protection tool.
Suite of applications for dealing with files.
Conceptworld Corporation
Folder Encryption
Hidden Folder
Virtual Folder
Total Folder Monitor
Total Folder Monitor will watch your folder and in case a new file is added.
Helmsman, Inc.
WinMend Folder Hidden
Hide directories and enables to conceal your private documents.
V2 Softlogic Folder Security Lock
V2Softlogic Folder Security lock can work in hidden mode.
V2 Softlogic
Folder and file compare or differencing utility.
DiffVue Software
Anandi's Folder Security
Strong folder security system.
Swapnil Kulkarni

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Hidden Folder

Buzz Folders
It allows users to quickly access the most used folders from a local computer.
Infinity Cube Software
SQ Folder Protect
Designed to keep your files or folders hidden.
Star Qin Technology
Folder Hidden
Folder Options X
Tool for managing hidden folder options in Windows 7.
T800 Productions
Fast File Copy
The program is used to copy files between folders quickly.
Daanav Softwares
Program for the bulk conversion of PDF files to Tiff format.
Tiff Tools Document Management Systems
Fuji Xerox DocuWorks Extended Folder for Working Folder
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
Folder Marker - Everyday Folder Icons
ArcticLine Software
Leo Folder Locker
Freeware folder locking software specially designed for those who want to sec...
Malik Usman Aura