Hidden Picture Puzzles Adults

1001 Japanese Crosswords
Every puzzle contains a hidden picture, use logic and deduction to reveal it.
Selectsoft Publishing
Jigsaws Galore
A well-designed jigsaw puzzle game that is approriate for all ages.
Gray Design Associates
Griddlers Deluxe
New version of extra cool Japanese logic puzzles - griddlers (nonograms).

Hidden Picture Puzzles Adults

Puzzle game in which you try to discover the hidden picture using the row and column in...
Bulent Baltacioglu
Funny and entertaining eduprogram.
Angry Ant Entertainment
World of CryptoPics
The most comprehensive Nonograms/Griddlers software available!
Yariv Hastilow
In Art-Floes, rearrange the puzzle pieces to discover the hidden picture.
Reasonable Games
Puzzle Play Hidden Pictures
Solve hidden picture puzzles in the 64 page workbook on the computer.
School Zone Interactive
PathPix - picture logic puzzle fun. Addictive - you've been warned!
Japanese Puzzles
Japanese Puzzles, developed by Catchysoft, is not the usual type of puzzle.
Nonogram Deluxe
Use your logical thinking to recreate a hidden picture based on the given hints.
Novel Games Limited
Illustrix Dream
Illustrix Dream -reveal a hidden picture of an animal.
The Jcwd
Logic game for solving single and multicolor Japanese puzzles.
Namkhoev Vladimir

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Hidden Picture Puzzles Adults

It's a six level general english course for adults and young adults.
Remove Betty Boop Picture Puzzles
centron software
Percy's Picture Puzzles
This software is a simple yet entertaining suite of games.
Neptune Computer Technology
Hidden Picture Game
Quardz Web Solutions
Hide and Secret 4 - The Lost World
A combination of puzzles, hidden object scenes and inventory puzzles.
Anarchy Enterprises
Reel Deal Slot Mysteries Pyramid Conspiracy
Pyramid Conspiracy is packed full of riddles, puzzles, and challenges.
Phantom EFX
New Total English Starter ActiveBook
It is a revised and updated English course for young adults and adults.
Jonathan Bygrave/ Pearson Kirihara K.K.
Picture Puzzles
Tremendous Tech.
Clutter IV - Minigame Madness Tour
A collection of solitaire games, picture puzzles, word puzzles, and logic games.
Puzzles by Joe